8 Tricky Idioms About Money with Examples and Explanations [Infographic]

Using these 8 tricky idioms about money will make your weekdays funny. You will find the examples and explanations of idioms under the infographic.

money idioms

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1. “Balance the books” - determine that accounts are in balance, bring the two sides into equilibrium, settle an account by paying what is due

- The accountant says he can’t balance the books till our last check clears.

2. “Bring home the bacon” – earn a salary, make money for your family

- When our parents died in an accident, and my sister and I remained alone, I had to leave college and bring home the bacon.

3. “Go Dutch” – share the cost of something

- When I wanted to settle the bill, she insisted on going Dutch and pay for her meal.

4. “Gravy train” – a source of easy money, a job that pays a lot with little work

- My brother took up a job in a beach restaurant and hoped to get on board the gravy train, but in fact he had to work more than in a factory.

5. “Nest egg” – savings, money kept in reserve

- Don’t worry about the job you lost. We have a little nest egg to live on until you find another.

6. “Cook the books” – cheat in accounting, manipulate financial records

- Nobody noticed that one of the managers was cooking the books until the company got totally bankrupt.

7. “Golden handshake” – a (large) sum of money paid to an employee when he/she leaves the firm

- Grandfather didn’t really want to retire too early, but he couldn’t resist the golden handshake that the company offered.

8. “Cheapskate” – somebody who doesn’t like to spend money

- We would need a new fridge, but my husband is such a cheapskate that I don’t think we’ll buy one before the other completely falls apart.

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