Causative Form: Causative Verbs Examples + Exercises

Causative Verbs Examples

Causative verbs express the idea of somebody causing something to happen or causing another person to do something.

make somebody do something (make + object + infinitive without to):

somebody requires another person to do something


- The barking dog made the postman run away.

- The rain has made the tourists stay in the hotel this morning.

- I don’t think she can make her husband buy that expensive ring.

- Sad movies always make me cry.


have something done (have + object + 3rd form of the verb):

somebody wants something to be done for them


- Did you have the car washed yesterday?

- I have my hair cut once in 2-3 months.

- We’ve had the lawn mowed by the neighbour’s son.

- Jane will have the curtains cleaned at the dry cleaner’s tomorrow.


Note: get is often used instead of have in informal speech:

- Did you get your hair cut before the weekend?

- We must get the house decorated for the wedding.


get somebody to do something (get + object + infinitive with to):

somebody requires or inspires another person to do something


- Let’s get mother to bake a cake on Sunday.

- I couldn’t get my sister to wash my dirty overalls.

- The tap is leaking, get a plumber to fix it.

- She always gets me to help with her homework.

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