Further vs Farther. Commonly Confused English Words with 12 Examples

Further vs father - MyEnglishTeacher.euFurther and farther are the comparatives of far, but they have some difference in meaning and usage.

As adverbs, both farther and further can imply distance in space or time:

– The road is blocked, we can’t go any further/farther.

– We watched their train moving gradually further/farther away.

– Liverpool is further/farther away than Manchester.

– Nothing could be further/farther from the truth..


When the degree or extent of something is implied, the use of further is preferred:

– They didn’t get any further with discussing the plan.

– The police decided to investigate further.


As an adjective, further, but not farther, can also be used, mainly with abstract nouns, to mean additional, extra, more, more advanced:

– Are there any further questions?

Further supplies will soon be available.

– Please turn to the manager with further inquiries.

– The committee decided to take no further action.


The adjective farther is only used for referring to distance:

– The farther shore of the lake could hardly be seen in the mist.

Grandfather lives at the farther end of the village.

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Written by: Anastasia Koltai

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