Examples of (Be + supposed + to) and (Be + to + verb)

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Here you go: (Be + supposed + to) This construction is passive and is used to indicate an assumption or expectation.

  • I am supposed to go to school today.
  • He is supposed to study for his exams but instead he is playing video games.
  • You were supposed to visit your grandmother, did you go?
  • She was supposed to finish the assignment yesterday but she is still doing it.
  • We are supposed to clean the house today before our parent arrive home.
  • It is supposed to rain tomorrow, I hope it doesn’t.

(Be + to + verb) This construction is a formal way of giving a command or stating what will happen in the future.

  • The train is to depart in one hour.
  • We are to finish the presentation by next week.
  • He is to get a promotion in work.
  • The doctor said that I am to rest until the infection has healed entirely.
  • The lifeguard said that we are to stay out of the sea as the current is very strong today.
  • The children are not to cross the road on their own, they need supervision.

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