Difference Between BRING and TAKE!

What’s the difference between bring and take?

difference between bring and take

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The main difference is in the direction of the action:

carry (movement towards the speaker)

  • Bring me the a newspaper, will you?

carry (movement away from the speaker)

  • Can you take this book back to the library?

Other useful expressions are:

[Tweet “BRING: carry (movement towards the speaker).”]


  • to justice
  • back to life
  • to senses
  • to a boil
  • to a standstill
  • to a close
  • to life
  • to light
  • to trial
  • out the best in
  • together

[Tweet “TAKE: carry (movement away from the speaker).”]


  • a bath
  • breath away
  • the cake
  • care of
  • charge
  • for granted
  • notice of
  • time
  • place
  • sides
  • stock

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