Difference Between VERY, QUITE, TOO and SO!


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Okay, let’s take a quick look at some popular words that can often be used in the same way: very, quite and so. In American English, very and quite are virtually the same. However, very is much more popular.

  • ‘He is a very good cook.’
  • ‘He is quite a good athlete.’

Also, as you can see – the position of ‘quite‘ will come before the article. On the other hand, ‘very‘ comes after the indefinite article ‘a‘. Furthermore, in British English the strength of ‘quite‘ is somewhat diminished. In this case it might more closely resemble American English’s ‘pretty.’ 

  • ‘I was still pretty hungry, so I ate one more slice of pizza.’
  • ‘She was quite happy to do nothing at all.’

So‘ is popular in American English as an informal equivalent to ‘very‘. In this way it is common in speaking and social media networks. However, it tends to be frowned upon in more formal writing/speech. 

Too‘ is generally used to indicate something is very (!) negative. 

  • ‘It’s too cold out to play.’
  • ‘She’s too bossy.’
  • “He’s too strict.’

Of course, as languages have a mind of their own, we could also say:

  • He’s too funny!’

Here we should see, due to the context – that ‘too‘ is being used in a positive manner. 

Well I don’t know about you, but it’s too soon to stop now. Although I’m so hungry, I’m quite happy to continue writing. After all, it’s very good practice for me too!

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