How can i speak english? What things shoud i do to be able to speak english good?

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As much as I’d like to be able to give you some exceptionally simple tips, or even a magic formula, I don’t think there is a quick fix to your problem.

The more time you spend practising, the sooner your English will improve.
By practice, I mean different things. For example, reading your favourite blogs, magazines and books in English. I also mean listening to your favourite songs and watching your favourite films in English.
This way, your vocabulary will grow without actually studying. You’ll also ‘train your ear’ for the sounds of this beautiful language.
As for speaking, I think you know the answer by now. Your skills won’t improve unless you start speaking to people in English. Try to find other learners to practise with. Learn with one of our native teachers if you can.
If you need more tips and advice, have a look at these articles. I hope you’ll find them useful.
Keep learning!

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