How to THINK in English while Speaking?

Hero Asked on 03/10/2014 in How To.

Thinking in any foreign language is a very difficult concept, as I have experienced when learning German. Initially, when learning a language, one is attempted to translate everything, including sentence structures, into the foreign language from the native language. This is a very natural occurrence.

When trying to think in English, it is important that the student attempts to use the language in his/her head, even when they are not in the classroom. In this manner, the student becomes accustomed to using the foreign language even in their thoughts! This can then be translated into action when a conversation occurs. I also find it very useful to keep a journal on hand to write down any unknown vocabulary words that might arise on a daily basis. I also encourage students to speak out loud in English when they are alone! Practice makes perfect, and the student should not be afraid to make mistakes along the way.

Eventually, mental visualization will transform into conversation, and the student will begin thinking in English while speaking.

on 19/11/2014.
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