Is the usage of “know” wrong in the sentence?


Many top politicos were in the know of the scam for a very long time.

Supporter Asked on 22/03/2018 in English Grammar.
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No, the use ofย know is correct in this sentence.

What might be making it confusing for you is the rest of the phrase,ย in the know. This is actually a phrase that means that someone knows about something, especially if that thing is supposed to be secret.


For example, a company might know that they broke the rules. They wouldn’t want all their employees to know about it, but their top officials probably would all know about it, even if they did not have all the details. In this case, you could say:

  • The top officials of the company were allย in the know about this cover up.
Gold member Answered on 23/03/2018.
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You could say……ย  Many top politicos knew about the scam for a very long time.

Many top politicos were in the know of the scam for a very long time.

This sentence is correct!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Curious Answered on 23/03/2018.


on 26/03/2018.
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This sentence is clear to me, but the choice of word is unusual; I would generally useย about with the phrase “in the know“. For an example, see the previous post by Alice.


Super Pro Editor Answered on 03/05/2018.
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