List Of Phrasal Verbs With PUT!

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Phrasal Verbs with PUT 

1. Put Aside
To save

  • We have to put some money aside for our trip to New York.

To reserve something for a customer to pick up later.

  • We will put this dress aside for you.

To ignore or forget something

  • Jeffrey and Mark became really good friends, once they put their differences aside.


2. Put up with
To tolerate

  • The neighbors couldn’t put up with our noise anymore, and they called the police. 

To accept an annoying situation or behavior

  • We had to put up with her habit of saying out loud what she thinks. She is our aunt after all.

3. Put off
To postpone

  • We need to put off our trip to Hawaii this year.

4. Put away
To clean, to store, to put something in its place after using it

  • Please put away your toys, children!
  • I will put away my motorcycle in the garage.

To put someone into prison

  • They put him away for more than 20 years.

To save money

  • Jennifer put some money away for her future children.


5. Put through
To connect somebody through telephone

  • I will put you through to the general manager. Hold on a minute!

To make someone experience difficulties

  • He put me through a lot of trouble at work today.


6. Put out
To stop from burning

  • He put out a fire pretty quickly.
  • Jake put out his cigarette, and went to bed. 


7. Put up
To give food and accommodation

  • Give them a call, and they will put you up for a few nights.

To increase the price of something

  • The government has put up the gas prices again.


8. Put down
To insult

  • My boss is constantly putting me down in front of everyone.

To stop carrying something

  • I asked him to put the heavy box down.

To pay a deposit

  • I put the first 2000$ down on my new car.

9. Put across
To communicate something

  • He put his ideas across pretty clearly.


10. Put on
To dress oneself

  • She put on a gorgeous dress.

To gain weight

  • She put on 15 kilos during the summer.


11. Put back
To put something where it was before

  • Please, put all the books back on the shelf.


12.Put in
To interrupt a conversation

  • Jake put in his boss’s speech during the meeting.

To make a financial contribution

  • Every employee need to put in 10$ for Jessica’s birthday.


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