Ordinal Numbers in English!

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Okay, don’t overthink this! Let’s look at the ordinal numbers up to ten. These are the most important parts.

1st = first
2nd = second
3rd = third
4th = fourth
5th = fifth 
6th = sixth
7th = seventh
8th = eighth
9th = ninth
10th = tenth

Then when you know that any ordinal number is determined by the last number, it’s easy!
Look at this:

21 = twenty-first
22 = twenty-second
23 = twenty-third
24 = twenty-fourth
25 = twenty-fifth
26 = twenty-sixth
27 = twenty-seventh
28 = twenty-eighth
29 = twenty-ninth

Then all you have to know is what happens when the last number is a zero:

10 = tenth
20 = twentieth
30 = thirtieth
40 = fortieth 
50 = fiftieth
60 = sixtieth
70 = seventieth
80 = eightieth
90 = ninetieth
100 = one hundredth 

The great news? These rules are universal and they apply to any number you could think of!

1,009,523 = one million nine thousand five hundred and twenty-third 
5,002 = five thousand and second 

With practice this will all become second nature!


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ordinal numbers

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