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Hi guys!

This is a page where you can share your google+ id to find people who want to practice English.
Write some words about yourself here (what’s your name?, how old are you? what are your hobbies? what is you job?),  and share your id, which will help others to find you.

You can add’s google+ page and let’s chat there right now!

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Hero Asked on 20/11/2014 in international.

Hello friends myself Rizwan ahmed shaik completed my under graduation recently,please help in achieving my goal to speak as a impeccable English learner.

on 28/11/2014.

hi brother i want to learn english, could you please help me.

on 28/11/2014.

Hey guys! My name’s Mariusz, I’m 17 and I’m from Poland. I would love to be able to practise my English and French skills with somebody. Feel free to add me and talk – my g+ id is Mariusz Biesiada.

on 04/12/2014.

Hi, I am 33 years old, Syrian.I hope to find native English speaker to talk to.

on 20/12/2014.

hi, my name is lanh, i am from vietnam, i am 25 years old. . I hope to find a person to practice English with ^_^ My id on google+ is “Pham Hong Lanh” Feel free to talk to me

on 29/12/2014.

Hi, my name is Mostafa, From Egypt, 25 Years old,

on 29/12/2014.

hello, im dita. im 19 years old from indonesia. i hope you could be my friend to improve our english. my id is Dita Julia Ningsih

on 01/01/2015.

Hi There! i’m David from Colombia, i’m a 23 boy looking for the same you all do , practice english.

on 10/01/2015.

Hi! My name is Yu. From Thailand. I'm looking for friends to chat and speak to practice my English. 😉 line id : red-ruby

on 13/01/2015.

Hi im Marcelo from brasil and id line to pratice english my whatsapp is 557192366263

on 14/01/2015.

Hi My name is Jonathan diaz. from colombia, i have 26 years old, I’m looking friends to practice my English

on 22/01/2015.

Hi my name is tareg .I am 28 years old, looking for native English speaker to talk to in
My skype : tareghajee99

on 11/08/2015.

Hi ,I want to make my english communication better so if any one interested in english chat then ping me on my mail id [email protected]

on 06/04/2016. Edit Delete

Hi I want to make my English communication better pls if anyone interested in English pig me on my emai

on 08/04/2016. Edit Delete

Hi I am Brazilian and want learn english and teacher portugues. anyone intersted

on 28/05/2016. Edit Delete

Hi friends

I am Jeyasri.I Want to improve my English with correct grammatical way.
my mail id

on 14/06/2016. Edit Delete

Hello everyone,
I’m Aidyl 26 years of age and a Filipina. I just want to have a new acquintance who is fluent in english to help me improve my english language skills.

on 30/07/2016. Edit Delete

You can reach me through my gmail- [email protected]

on 30/07/2016. Edit Delete

Hi. My name Kurban. I will be glad to converse with anyone via skype, whatsup, google hangout. My google+ See you. 😉

on 02/12/2016. Edit Delete

Hello everyone,  I’m Bhuvan from India. I’d like to improve my English.  I’m looking for friends who speaks English well. Help me, please. Thanks . 

on 27/09/2017.

Hi Guys,

My name is Rambabu.

I want to improve my communication skills. Please contact me to improve communication skills together.

My skype id is : rambabu.nayudu

My googole+ page is :

My facebook page is :

My Whatsapp number is: +919885161700

on 05/09/2018.
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Hi guys

I am odai shahin, 26 years old

I am studying Ph.d in civil engineering

I want to improve my english language by talking with a clever partner

my skype is odai shahin

Not a robot Answered on 30/01/2018.
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[email protected] . I am mainly interested in video chat. Here is my skypename: [email protected] . Text me and help us to improve our english skills.!

Not a robot Answered on 23/02/2018.
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Hi All. I am in Bangkok, Thailand and would like someone to practice English speaking with, via Google Hangout, I think. Please feel free to contact me if you would like someone to practice speaking English with. My Google+ ID is “113607774781220292901” .

Default Answered on 18/01/2015.

Hi, my name is leila . I’d like to practice English . please add me my what’s app Id is 00989125044810

on 05/03/2015.

Leila do you have skype here is my skype – beken-01

on 03/06/2015.

Hello everybody my name is Azamat i’m from Kyrgyzstan – i would like to practice english —

on 03/06/2015.

calls on WhatsApp 11957933023 ok

on 25/07/2015.

Hi folkss,
Varun from india 28 intrested in English speakin and improving comm skills

on 20/11/2016. Edit Delete
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Hi All.this is mankan from India I would like to invite someone to practice English speaking with, via Google Hangout,or via Skype . Please feel free to contact me if you would like someone to practice speaking English with. Plz mail me”[email protected]

Default Answered on 08/03/2015.

Hi, peopple. My name is alexandre. I'm from Brazil. I'm married, and I would like add peopple to talk and exercise my english. My interest are coutries, different peopple, medicine, religion, soccer etc.<br>My email is [email protected] I think my wife will participate too. Any problem?

on 02/05/2015.
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Hi  I am egyptian and my native language is arabic and I would like to improve my skills in english so we can teach each other we can call us or chat via skype and any app my skype id is midooo9203 and my gmail is  [email protected]

Default Answered on 06/07/2015.

Hi im Cristine From korea i want to learn more Skills about english i want to improve my skills can you teach me please please i hope you read this and im waiting your response.. thanks thanks thanks [email protected]

on 19/07/2015.
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Hello friends, I’m Eman. I’m 23.I’m from Egypt. I studied Hebrew at university 
I’m here to improve my English skills I want to be fluent, but there is a problem that i’m a shy person to speak I came here to find a way to solve it and stop being shy .
As I sid I studied Hebrew but I forgot it I will be glad, iif i find someone here help me learning Hebrew again .
This is my skype eman9mag 

Default Answered on 27/07/2015.
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my google ID : [email protected]m
my skype ID gun.taya

and.... you are here Answered on 28/09/2015.
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