What does Si mean in Spanish?

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It means (Yes) also (IF) like in english, but in spanish we use “SI” in both cases.

Not a robot Answered on 10/08/2017.
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It means yes.

Curious Answered on 10/08/2017.
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Rocio and Adaguevara are both correct! In case you’re curious, , written with an accent, means “yes,” while si, written without an accent, means “if.”

  • “Vas a ir al concierto?” “, ¿tú?” (“Are you going to go to the concert?” “Yes, you?”
  • Si yo fuera tú, no le diría nada. (If I were you, I wouldn’t tell him anything.)

However, many people drop accents when they write informally. In those cases, you’ll have to tell the difference between the two words through context.

  • “te gusta el helado?” “si esta muy rico” (“do you like the ice cream?” “yes it’s very tasty”)
Commentator Answered on 21/08/2017.
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