What is the “teach to test” teaching method?

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“Teach to test” is an education-related term and is used to describe a method of teaching commonly used by schools and teachers all over the world. These school’s curriculum puts the main focus on preparing the students for standardised tests.
Teachers that teach to test, teach their students specific information which is tested at the end of that topic or the term. For example, an English teacher that teaches to test, might teach his or her students how to use modal verbs in English. Once the teacher has taught his or her students everything there is to know about modal verb and practised using the modal verbs, the students are given a test on the modal verbs.
It’s important to point out that this method doesn’t just apply to English or other language subjects. Geography teachers, mathematic teachers, driving instructors and so on can also use this method of teaching. This approach can also used with skill-based learning.
Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to this teaching approach. Many schools and teachers use this method to structure the course and make sure the students are learning the topics that they should be learning. It also allows teachers to see which students are struggling and the overall development or progress of the class.
There are many people who are very critical of this approach as they think it limits the teacher and puts too much emphasis rote memorisation rather than ensuring that the students truly understanding the topic. This is because students are more concerned about memorising the information to perform well in the test rather than actually understanding and enjoying the topic.

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