What’s the difference between direct and indirect questions?

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Indirect questions are used when wanting to sound more polite or formal.

The most important thing to get right when asking indirect questions is WORD ORDER.
Here’s a good list to help you:


  • Where is the station?
  • What time does the film start?
  • How do they feel about it?
  • Where are you going?
  • Where were you born?


  • Can you tell me where the station is?
  • Do you know what time the film starts?
  • Do you know how they feel about it?
  • May I ask where you are going?
  • Could you tell me where you were born?


  • Are you planning to move?
  • Does Tom like pizza?
  • Did she see Mrs Craig?
  • Have you met Sally?
  • Was she upset?


  • I’d like to know if you are planning to move.
  • Do you know whether Tom likes pizza?
  • Do you know if she saw Mrs Craig?
  • I’m not sure if you have met Sally.
  • Can you tell me whether she was upset?

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I’m not good at asking questions in English. Can you help?

direct indirect questions

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