27 Meanings of Most Common Text Abbreviations [Image]

Text Abbreviations

1. ASAP – as soon as possible  Tweet This!

2. B/C – because  Tweet This!

3. BRB – be right back  Tweet This!

4. BTW – by the way  Tweet This!

5. CYE – check your email  Tweet This!

6. FYI – for your information  Tweet This!

7. GM – good morning  Tweet This!

8. GN – good night  Tweet This!

9. HTH – hope this helps  Tweet This!

10. IDK – I don’t know  Tweet This!

11. IIRC – if I remember correctly  Tweet This!

12. IMHO – in my honest opinion  Tweet This!

13. J/K – just kidding  Tweet This!

14. ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing  Tweet This!

15. LMK – let me know  Tweet This!

16. LOL – laugh out laud  Tweet This!

17. N/A – not available  Tweet This!

18. NC – no comment  Tweet This!

19. OMG – oh my God  Tweet This!

20. PMB – private message box  Tweet This!

21. PPL – people  Tweet This!

22. RSVP – answer please  Tweet This!

23. THX – thanks  Tweet This!

24. TTYL – talk to you later  Tweet This!

25. TY – thank you  Tweet This!

26. YW – you are welcome  Tweet This!

27. XOXO – hugs and kisses  Tweet This!


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Written by: Anastasia Koltai

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