3 Things to Decide Before Starting to Learn English?

3 Things to Decide Before Starting to Learn English

3 Things to Decide Before Starting to Learn EnglishYes you have taken a deep breath and you have decided that you are going to (re)start your English studies. You have promised to yourself to continue this time, to go to classes on time, never to miss a class, to do the homework etc. We all know these promises.

You might have something else to do during the classes maybe a workplace or family engagement. You don’t find the classes useful because you are not in the right group. You loose motivation because it can take a long time to say a sentence correctly on your own.

To make your English learning process easier and faster read about some advice that can help you to overcome difficulties when facing how to start learning English.

1. Private vs Groups

Firstly you have to decide on the form! You can learn with a private teacher or you can join a group. Both has advantages and disadvantages so think about it carefully!

A private teacher is flexible, can adapt to your needs and goals easily and private classes can provide you much more time for speaking if you attend them alone.

If you feel insecure about your English and ill at ease when you have to speak in front of a lot of people, a good teacher can help a lot to overcome these fears, and introduce you into the world of communication. So it can be a first step, if you are shy.

At the same time this way of learning is more expensive than joining a group, and if you like bubbling around you can get bored easily.

If you are open-minded, competitive and like company around you it is high time you joined to a language course in one of the language schools around you. It is cheap, and you can learn a lot not only from your teacher but from your classmates too.

You can solve a lot of tasks that involve more than one people and to tell the truth most of the situations you can get into in reality involve more than one English speaker.

At the same time, if you don’t like anything, you cannot change the teacher, or your personal needs can get into the background in large groups.

2. Online vs personal

Online English Course vs Personal English CourseI have already written about drawbacks and virtues of online classes, so check it before deciding, and try to keep mind the following:

Do I need the personal presence of the teacher?

Will I able to solve going to classes or is better to spare time with online classes?

Can I concentrate on my own better or in the company of others?

3. Keeping or breaking a promise

Yes you have made a promise to study an English language. But don’t take it that seriously. If you have to stop studying for a couple of months don’t blame yourself, you had better integrate English into your life. If you cannot go to classes for one reason or another, read books, comics, magazines and blogs, watch the TV in English or listen to audiobooks. Then don’t forget to restart your classes. 🙂

Have ever had to restart your English studies? How do you try to choose between the different forms of education nowadays?

Want to improve your English faster? Choose an Online English Teacher.

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