6 Unusual Websites to Practice English


You ask, “How can I learn English?”. Learning English may be less complicated than you think once you know the right websites. I know them and now you’ll too.

So, what do you need? You have to know some English words, a basic grammar and what’s the most important, you have to talk easily. With everybody, about anything. The following useful websites will help you to achieve this and practice English.

1.  TED

It’s no wonder I started with TED. It’s a fantastic site with brilliant ideas and people. If you like National Geographic then this is the site for you!

TED is a bit like YouTube, but here the real experts introduce their best ideas and theories. Topic can be languages, Maths, computers, marketing, politics or something you haven’t even heard of – but it does exist.

What is it good for? You won’t be bored. The more videos you watch the more you’ll understand of what they’re talking about.

Your vocabulary will consist of not 100 but 100 thousand words. Although you won’t use all this vast number of words but if you happen to hear any of them you won’t have to feel embarrassed. And that feels great, doesn’t it?

2. Grammarly

Grammarly Words - Dictionary - Thesaurus

Don’t find the words? Look for synonyms! Just type in the English word that comes to your mind and you’ll get 10 another ones out of which you’ll surely find the best one you need. This method helps you to learn man new words and they’ll also stay in your head much more.

3. Visual.ly

As for me, I really dislike dry learning material. My mind can receive the colourful and the funny things much better. English grammar has been definitely this kind of boring, dry material… UNTIL NOW! It isn’t anymore because, to our luck, infographics (big pictures) are made on grammar as well.

If you are like me, from now on, you’ll use only infographics to learn both grammar and English words.

4. Grammar.net

If you want to learn the idioms faster and more easily, Grammar.net offers you lots of infographics to help you in this.

5. Facebook

And then, there’s Facebook you visit every week or every day. Why not to learn English right there?

Now you’ve got a possibility to do so because on MyEnglishTeacher’s Facebook page you can chat to MyEnglishTeacher weekly. It’s a native tutor whom you can ask any questions and talk about anything. For free. And all this you can do in English.

+ I’ve collected the most important Facebook pages dealing with English learning. All you have to do is to „like” them.

6. Language Exchange websites

Language Exchange websites

There are 2 ways to practice English speaking. 1. Learn with a native English teacher or 2. talk a lot with a native English speaker. The second one you can do for free. Why not to try it out.

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