8 Creepy Body Idioms and Their Meanings [Infographic]


These are those body idioms you should really know in English. Don’t try to visualize them. It will be a scary movie! Anyway, you will find the examples and explanations under the infographic. Enjoy!

body idioms

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1. All ears
awaiting an explanation, listening eagerly and carefully

  • Tell me how you managed to pass the exam, I’m all ears.
  • She was all ears to find out where her husband had been the night before.

2. Cold shoulder
(give sb the cold shoulder, get the cold shoulder) – paying no attention to something, a deliberate act of disrespect, an attitude of rejection

  • I hoped she would come to the cinema with me, but I just got the cold shoulder.
  • The manager has given the cold shoulder to our proposal to buy a new company car.

3. Itchy feet
a strong impulse to travel, restlessness, desire to leave

  • Seeing a boat always gives me itchy feet.
  • No wonder she’s got itchy feet. She’s been working in the same office with the same people for more than twelve years.

4. Long arm of the law
the far-reaching power of the authorities; the police, the law

  • Stop this dirty business, the long arm of the law will reach you some day.
  • He tried to live on shoplifting, but long arm of the law caught him in a week.

5. Old hand
a person with a lot of experience in something

  • Our boss is an old hand in the car business, you can’t cheat him with this broken engine.
  • The new chef was an old hand at making Italian dishes.

6. Sweet tooth
a great liking for sweet-tasting food, a weakness for sweets; someone with a liking for sweets

  • She has a sweet tooth, but as she’s rather fat, she must resist eating chocolate too often.
  • I’m a sweet tooth, I couldn’t help eating all the remains of my birthday cake after the party.

7. Elbow room
enough space to move or work in; freedom to do what you like

  • There’s so little elbow room in our office that you must stand up from your desk if somebody wants to go out.
  • The agents were given as much elbow room as they needed to increase the sales.

8. Eye-catching
tending to attract attention, visually attractive, striking

  • There were lots of eye-catching posters at the entrance of the cinema.
  • Her dress was so eye-catching that we couldn’t do anything but stare at her for minutes.

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