14 Action Verbs for Resume. Action Verbs List with Example Sentences.


Creating a resume is one of the most stressful and important things that you will do while you are job searching. Here is a list of action verbs (with example sentences) that can help you make an impactful first impression.

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1. Align
Means to place multiple things in a straight line. This can be a physical straight line, where you literally line things up one after another. It can also refer to an idea of things being in a straight line. In this case it would be very clear to see how one thing affects another.

  • Based on my experience I believe that my skill align with what you are looking for.
  • My skill set aligns well with the duties laid out in the job description.

2. Merge
Means to combine two or more things into one. It can also mean to blend two or more substances together. This can be a gradual blend or an immediate blend.

  • I took part in the merging of two departments.
  • My role in the merger of these two departments was to root out redundancies caused by the merge.

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3. Reorganize
Means to change the way that something is organized, structured, or arranged.

  • I played a major role in our company’s reorganization.
  • I coordinated the reorganization of the department with multiple groups and managers.

4. Compile
Means to produce something by using research from other sources. What is complied may be a report, list, or another way of organizing the information.

  • My expertise is in the compiling of  large amounts of data into easy to understand reports.
  • One of my main responsibilities was to sift through applicant data, and compile searchable records.

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5. Integrate
Means to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole. It can also mean to bring people or groups together into equal participation or membership.  

  • I participated in the integration of our company’s customer database.
  • I have experience with the integration of operational functions.

6. Streamline
In the sense of resume building means to make an organizational system more efficient.

  • I played a large role in the company’s streamlining of  services.
  • I participated in the streamlining of documents, in order to improve the company’s efficiency.

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7. Activate
Means to make something active or to get something to start, or operate.

  • My main role was to activate new customer’s accounts.
  • My duties included supporting the activation process of newly acquired clients.

8. Deploy
Means to bring something into action or to enact a plan that has been put into place.

  • I participated on a team that organized the deployment of  emergency personnel into the field.
  • Part of my job was to deploy to disaster areas to help those affected by natural disaster events.

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9. Interface
Is a point where two or more systems, people, or groups interact and connect.

  • My role was to interface with department heads, so that they were informed at all times.
  • One of my main duties was to maintain all the systems that interfaced with the database.

10. Regulate
Means to control or maintain the rate of speed of something so that it operates properly.

  • As part of my duties, I regulated the chemicals to ensure that the pool was safe for all swimmers.
  • I regulated  the flow of information to the CEO of the company.

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11. Advance
Means to move someone or something forward in a purposeful way.

  • I actively advanced the mission of the organization.
  • I played a large role in advancing the goal to improve company efficiency and reduce expenses.

12. Mobilize
Means to make something moveable or become capable of moving. This word is often used when people are about to be moved. While often used for military purposes, it has other uses as well.

  • I led the recruitment and mobilization of volunteers.
  • My main role was to inspire and mobilize our recruitment team to find the best talent available.

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13. Employ
In the context of a resume refers to making use of something.

  • I regularly employ project management techniques.
  • I improved efficiency by employing my organizational skills.

14. Facilitate
Means to make something easier to complete or make happen.

  • I facilitated the conversion of our company’s data to a more secure system.
  • I helped to facilitate a system that allowed the company to analyze the most profitable classes to run.

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