AFTER and BEFORE- prepositions or adverbs?


I was wondering : are “after” and “before” prepositions or adverbs? You can’t say “I have dinner, and after I watch TV”, can you?

They can act both as adverbs AND prepositions.

Before a noun, they’re prepositions:

  • I went to work after breakfast.
  • Sales went up before Christmas.

When not followed by nouns, they’re adverbs:

😉Then or Than [Grammar]

😉Then or Than [Grammar]
😉Then or Than [Grammar]
  • She met me the day after.
  • I hadn’t slept the night before.

You’re right when you say that “I have dinner, and after I watch TV.” is NOT correct.
’After’ acts as a preposition here, so it should be followed by a noun:

  • “I have dinner, and after that I watch TV .”
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