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introduce, present

The word introduce is quite a commonly used word in English, but there are a few different synonyms that can be used to replace it. However, it is important to know which meaning of introduce you are trying to use.

  1. Are you using it to describe two or more people meeting each other for the first time?
  2. Or are you using introduce to describe the first time you or someone tries something?

The following synonyms or expressions all have the same meaning of introduce as used to describe two or more people meeting for the first time.

Some of them can also be used to describe the first time we have tried something. We have included another secondary sentence as an example of its use when this is the case.

1. Acquaint

  • Please, acquaint me with Mark, he looks like a good man.
  • I was not acquainted with white chocolate until you gave me some to try.

2. Present (formal)

  • I would like to present you to Jenny; she is our local doctor.

3. Familiarize

  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with the other employees before you start working.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our company guidelines before starting on Monday.

4. Make known to (formal)

  • Let me make known to you the leader of our country.

5. Fix me up with (casual)

  • Can you fix me up with your sister Stacy? I would like to go on a date with her.

6. Introduction/s (formal)

  • John will make the introductions once everyone has arrived at the party.

Some of these expressions are for more formal occasions, and you must make sure that your sentences are worded correctly not to hide or change the meaning. Why not try to use one of these other ways to introduce yourself to someone?

Do you know another word or expression to replace the word introduce? Let us know about it with a comment below.

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