Auspicious Definition. What does Auspicious mean?



Auspicious is a positive word, that speaks to success and good fortune. It has two definitions. It can means that something shows or suggest that future success is likely, or most likely coming. When this definition of auspicious is used,  it is always looking towards the future.

This word is often used in association with some sort of sign or superstition that something good will happen. It could be the year that’s a good sign, or it could be a fortune teller turning over a certain card. Just because something is said to be auspicious doesn’t mean that something good will actually happen.

Just because someone says something is auspicious doesn’t mean that they have any authority or track record of predicting anything. This is mostly a superstitious word that is used to say that something is good luck.

  • Some people believe that when a bird poops on your head it is auspicious.
  • The psychic said that butterflies are an auspicious sign for me this month.

Auspicious can also mean that good fortune has come at that moment or in the past. Instead of predicting that something good will happen, this usage of the word acknowledges that something good is or has happened.

  • It has been an incredibly auspicious year for her. She went from barely being able to pay her rent to successfully launching her company.
  • This is a very auspicious time for the couple, everything is going their way.

Auspicious can also mean that something is conducive to success. This means that it is a likely time for something to be successful, or that because of another event that is happening something is likely to be successful.

  • Given the current climate in the country this is not an auspicious time to try to begin this initiative.
  • Considering how much success your projects has had this is a pretty auspicious time for you to put in for a promotion.

Synonyms and Antonyms

These synonyms can be used for all of the above definitions of auspicious.

Propitious – refers to something having a good chance of being successful, or is likely to have the desired outcome.

  • The  timing of the move seems propitious.
  • It is  propitious to be spearheading this project for our company.

Favorable – can mean to express approval for something or someone. It can also mean that one thing or person has an advantage over another. As a synonym to auspicious, when something is favorable it means that it is more likely than not that something good will happen or that the desired outcome will happen. 

  • The terms of the agreement were more favorable to the other side.
  • I don’t want to do anything that is more favorable to one side. I want everyone to feel like they have won.

Promising – refers to something showing signs of success or of something positive. When something is promising, it’s not finished yet, and the hope and promise for something good is in the future. One can be in the beginning, middle or end of a project and it can be promising at any of those points.

  • The weather looks promising, maybe we’ll be able to have the ceremony outside after all.
  • She has a promising career ahead of her.

Opportune – refers to something being well- time, or well-  chosen, favorable, or appropriate. When something is opportune, it may mean that this is a good time to do something. It can also mean that something is favorable to a person.

  • People question why he is bringing this up now, many feel he’s just doing it because his opponent is struggling and it’s an opportune time.
  • His mom walked in the door right when his hand was in the cookie jar. She couldn’t have arrived at a less opportune moment.

Here are some antonyms for auspicious:

Disadvantageous – refers to creating or something being unfavorable in a way that reduces the chance of something being successful. What it is that makes something unfavorable doesn’t matter. Something can also start off as promising and then later become disadvantageous.

  • The proposed plan would be disadvantageous to the people of the town.   
  • Look at the contract carefully to make sure that there isn’t anything disadvantageous in it for you.

Dim – has multiple meaning. As a antonym to auspicious it refers to the likeliness of something happening being limited. This is almost always used in a negative context.

  • The chances of that becoming law are pretty dim.
  • Considering his grades the chances of him getting into his preferred school are dim.
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