Bare Meaning as an adjective and as a verb


Bare meaning as an adjective

  • not covered
  • without its usual contents or coverings
  • simple
  • a small amount

Bare as a verb means

  • to uncover

Bare meaning as an Adjective

1. (a person or part of the body) Not covered, or without clothes.

Bare doesn’t have a positive or negative meaning.

  • He was bare from the waist up.
  • She loved feeling the sand beneath her bare feet.
  • It was a summer wedding: all the women had bare legs.
  • She wondered if she should cover her bare shoulders in church.
  • He tried not to stare at her bare chest as he walked past her on the beach.
  • She knew she would get a cold because her feet were bare and she couldn’t find her slippers.
  • He picked the ring out of the fire with his bare hands.
  • She started scraping ice of her car with her bare hands.

Bare face means without makeup or without a beard.

  • She showed off her bare face, and natural hair to fight against the makeup culture we live in today.
  • I used to hate my bare face because of skin problems and acne.

Barefaced means shameless or bold.

It’s used with ‘lie’ – a barefaced lie, which means a lie a person tells without trying to disguise that it’s a lie.

  • Internet detectives think they have dug up stone-cold proof that this is a barefaced lie.

Bare Synonyms (adjective)



  • His shirtless chest.
  • She went trouserless all day.


Negative meaning ‘no clothes on’

  • His exposed chest drew the attention of the Queen.


not covered by a blanket or sheet

  • Her feet were uncovered as they lay in bed.


someone has no clothes on at all

  • I saw a naked man running down the street yesterday.


not enough clothes

  • She felt unclothed in her short skirt and crop top.


a more formal way to say ‘naked’

  • She was undressed and was getting into the shower when he called.

Without anything, Empty

without the usual contents

  • She went to get a snack but the cupboard was bare.
  • They hadn’t been shopping in weeks, so the fridge was bare.
  • She walked into her new bedroom but it was bare apart from a tiny bed.

Empty, without the covering

  • All the trees are bare in winter after their leaves have fallen off.
  • The sheets were in the wash, so their bed was bare.


with nothing in between

  • She lay down directly on the mattress.

Basic and simple

only, just, enough or basic, simple:

  • He only took the bare essentials when he went camping.
  • She studied the bare minimum needed to pass the test.
  • The bare necessities of life are good company and enough food on the table.

Bare as a Verb

To expose, to show something that’s kept hidden.

Past tense: bore.

  • He wasn’t embarrassed to bare his scar for all to see.
  • She took his shirt off to bear his chest to the audience.
  • She bore her new tattoo proudly, even though she knew her mum wouldn’t approve.

Bare Synonyms (verb)



Strip off

To ‘bear all’ can either mean to show your whole naked body, or to tell your secrets in detail.

  • She has promised that she will bare all in her next interview with the magazine.
  • The firemen bore all in their naked calendar for next year.

Open up

  • She opened up about why she hadn’t been around lately.

Spill the beans

  • He spilled the beans on what had been going on in their relationship recently.

Confide in

  • They confided in me about their hospital visits.

Is it Bare with Me or Bear with Me? [Answer]

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