Bimbo /ˈbɪmbəʊ/ Meaning 💃🏻What is a bimbo woman?


Depending who you are and the context, the word bimbo could be used in an innocent way to mean something or someone who is foolish or even the name of a clown. 

For children, Bimbo is often associated with a clown’s name. Several decades ago it was the name of a cartoon dog that appeared in Talkartoons series.

The word in the adult world has a much different meaning and depending on who you are or who you ask, it could be an insult or a description of someone. 

What is a bimbo woman?

In about the 1930’s, or so, the word Bimbo began to be used in reference to women and suggesting a certain type of woman as being attractive, flirtatious and submissive. 

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The term bimbo became more prominent in the 1980’s and in 1987, it was referred to as the year of the bimbo.

There are many scandals that involved beautiful attractive women who were seen as using their physical attributes to have affairs with famous people and high-level politicians.

Meaning of Bimbo

The definition and meaning for bimbo is slang and derogatory word used to describe a woman who is considered to be attractive but who may or may not also be dumb and easy to have sex with.

Example 1: Have you met the new CEO’s secretary? She is a bit of a bimbo.
Example 2: He is the kind of guy that likes to date bimbos.

Dialog about Bimbo:

Francis:  Hey Paul, how was the new day on the job?

Paul:  It was ok.  I have a co-worker and she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

Francis:  Ohh? I thought in your job you would have to be pretty skilled.

Paul:  Well, yeah.  She seems to be a bit of a bimbo.  I think she got the job not for her Engineering skills.

Francis:  Ahh ok. Well, it seems every office has a bimbo from time to time.

Paul:  Yeah, I think it is really too bad. The other female engineers are really good, certainly not bimbos!

Related Phrases & Phrasal Verbs

Slut Shaming – in the context of bimbo, it when someone stigmatizes a woman for having sexualized behavior or who might be sexually provocative.

  • He called her a bimbo because she had an affair with the manager, if that is not slut shaming I don’t know what is.

Call girl – is a reference to a girl who has sex for money or financial gain.

  • She is like a call girl at the office, everyone knows she is a bimbo.

Working girl – this is a phrase used to describe a girl who goes to work instead of staying home.

  • She is not a bimbo, she is a working girl.

A fallen woman – an old-fashioned phrase for referring to a woman who has sexual relations outside marriage.

Related idioms for Bimbo:

a slang term to refer to a woman, usually in a workplace.

Sweet thing
a slang term used to refer to a woman that might be considered attractive.

a slang term for a woman who has a reputation as being sexually promiscuous

Easy make
a term used to refer a person who is easily convinced to have sex.

a woman who is perceived as being sexually available.

Air head
is a term used to describe a stupid person.

Office slut
is a phrase used to describe a woman who has many sexually partners at and/or from work.

Synonyms of Bimbo (other ways to say):

  • Call girl
  • loose woman
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