Bump Into Meaning


Bump Into Meaning

How could you explain to someone that you hit someone accidently? What words could you use to say you met someone unexpectedly and by accident? What if I told you could use the same words, exactly the same 2 words.

This is the beauty of phrasal verbs, but also makes people crazy when they used. Both of these phrases originated in the early 1800’s.

1. Meaning of Bump into:

When we meet someone without meaning to or by accident.

  • You’ll never guess who I bumped into at the market.
  • I bumped into Fred yesterday and he said to say hi to you.


Eugene: Hey Kathy! I am so glad I bumped into you today.

Kathy: Hey Eugene, why are glad you bumped into me?

Eugene: Well, I ran into Frank and he said we were all going out this weekend?

Kathy: Yes… yes. Frank and I bumped into each other at bar. So we were talking about getting together to have a BBQ.

Eugene: OK, fantastic. I look forward to it!

Kathy: Great, it is BYOB. If you bump into Sally or Brenda, please let them know.

Eugene: Sure will! 

2. Meaning of Bump into:

When you accidently hit, crash, or collide with someone or something without meaning to.

  • I hurt my arm when I bumped into the door last night.
  • The boat bumped into the dock and damaged the side.


Brandon: Hello.Hey Dean great, to hear from you.

Dean: Hey Brandon, I am calling to let you know that I bumped into….. OUCH!

Brandon: Hello? You bumped into who? Ouch?

Dean: Sorry. I am walking and talking on my cell phone and I bumped into a glass door.

Brandon: That’s funny. Are you alright?

 Dean: Yeah. Just bruised my ego, that all.

Brandon: Ok, well I better go. If I bump into Jack and the gang, do you want me to tell them about our get together next week?

Dean: Sure. Thanks!

Other words you can create: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)

Bumping into

Bumped into

Bang into

Related Phrasal Verbs:

Meet up with: this phrase is used, in the context of bump into, to say that we met with someone or some people informally.

  • We were at the mall and saw Bill and his wife so we met up with them later. It was great to bump into them and catch up.

Run Into: this is a phrase that has a similar meaning to bump into.

  • I was walking today and using my phone and bumped into a sign and then later I ran into a door. Cell phones can be dangerous!

Come Across: when used in the context of bump into, we use to express meeting or finding someone or something by chance.

  • We were walking and we came across this great little restaurant and we happened to bump into Phil and Serendipity eating there.

Chance upon: we use the phrase to express that we found something or someone by chance.

  • I was driving and bumped into the police car in front of me and as I was about to get out of my car I chanced upon the policeman. It was my brother.

Stumble upon: we use to say that we met someone or something by chance and also it can mean we tripped on something.

  • I stumbled upon a fantastic park and as I was entering the gat I bumped into a tree and fell over.

Related idioms:

Run smack into: when you physically hit something directly on, we say you ran smack into something.

Smash into: when we hit someone or something accidently and with force.

  • When I was riding my bike, I smashed into a pole and ten bumped into a car.

Cross Paths: when you when you meet someone by chance or by accident.

  • I met my wife when we crossed paths at a party and then we bumped into each other a coffee shop we both live close to. I guess it was Fate.  By the way, her name is Fate.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

  • Run into
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