Can you get the flu in the summer?


Flu season is typically not in the summer – you should get your flu shot around October or November to protect yourself and your family for the winter season. That said, flu is definitely around during the summer. It is possible, but very rare that you will get it during the summer.


The interesting thing about that is that flu comes around during cold weather. Winter happens at different times for the northern and southern hemispheres, so there are actually two annual flu seasons. The World Health Organization has to make flu shot recommendations differently for each hemisphere.


Learn English Via Listening | Beginner Level | Lesson 24 | Seasons

Learn English Via Listening | Begin...
Learn English Via Listening | Beginner Level | Lesson 24 | Seasons

The reason why flu, unlike the majority of other illness, happens on a seasonal basis is unknown. Some of the hypotheses include:

  • People staying indoors for more time, increasing interpersonal contact. Because flu is spread from person to person, more contact between people means more cases of the flu.
  • The virus staying viable for longer in colder, drier weather.
  • The protective effect of Vitamin D (comes from exposure to the sun and staying outside).


Either way, you are more likely to contract the flu or have flu symptoms during the winter, but it is possible to get it any time of the year.

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