Canceled – Cancelled, Traveled – Travelled


In British English cancelled and travelled must be used when forming the Past Tenses or the Present Participles. Whereas American English have started to use canceled and traveled. The single consonant L has become very common in American English but it is not acceptable in British English. Below are a list of verbs with the double consonant.
Verbs ending with L:

  • Label: labelled / labelling
  • Quarrel: quarrelled / quarrelling
  • Cancel: cancelled / cancelling
  • Travel: travelled / travelling

In British English, verbs ending with the consonant L are not the only verbs that require a double consonant to form the Past Tenses and the Present Participle. There are also some verbs that end with T, P, R which require the doubled consonant also. For example:
Verbs ending with T:

  • Fit: fitted / fitting
  • Admit: admitted / admitting
  • Commit: committed / committing
  • Chat: chatted / chatting

Verbs ending with P:

  • Chop: chopped / chopping
  • Flip: flipped / flipping
  • Snap: snapped / snapping
  • Whip: whipped / whipping

Verbs ending with R:

  • Recur: recurred / recurring
  • Deter: deterred / deterring
  • Spur: spurred / spurring
  • Occur: occurred / occurring
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