Causative Verbs: how many structures of sentences are there in English?


And what are they?

By structures I mean to say eg ……to do something to get something done …
please help me on this …

causative, get something done, get somebody to do something, have somebody do something, make somebody do something

In the structure ‘get something doneget is used as a Causative Verb, because it indicates that somebody causes something to happen. If I get my car washed, it means that I ask or pay somebody else to wash it for me. I do not do it myself.
Causative is used when somebody causes, makes or forces another person to do something:

Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations 🍦

Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations ...
Most Common VERB NOUN Collocations 🍦
  • get something done
  • get somebody to do something
  • have somebody do something
  • make somebody do something
  • I want to get my car washed.
  • I can’t get my son to wash my car.
  • I’ll have my husband wash it.
  • He’ll make you pay for it.

Sometimes the same structures with have and get are used as non-causative:

  • We had our car stolen last week.

The above sentence does not mean that we had asked somebody to steal our car for us. In this example, ‘have’ expresses the idea that we had this experience. ‘Get’ may also be used the same way:

  • Anne Boleyn got her head cut off.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that she’d asked somebody to cut her head off.
Using ‘have/get something done’ when talking about experiences that happened to somebody is considered ratherinformal.

So, to answer your question, the verb structures we use in English may be either Causative or Non-Causative. Non-causative forms are, of course, more common. We use these when somebody does something:

  • I wrote ten letters yesterday.
  • My boyfriend read them all.

Remember to use Causative structures only when somebody else does something for you:

  • I had my boyfriend read all my letters. (I asked him to read them.)

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