8 Most Common Collocations With Look


Look at, is probably the most common collocation used with the word look. However, it could also just be considered the most common preposition used with the word look.

Aside from this common collocation, there are many others used with this word, here are a few.

1. Look out

An exclamation used to tell someone about important information that they are unaware of.

  • Look out! You are going to hit your head.

As a compound noun, the lookout is also the name of a high up place that has a view of the things around it.

  • We can go up to the lookout on the Empire State Building to see the city.

2. Look over

We use this collocation to explain that we would like to read or investigate something in more detail.

  • I want to look over the contract before I sign it.

3. Overlook / ed

(A compound noun often used as a collocation also.)

Similar to look out, it can refer to a place that literally has a view of other things.

  • He found a chair that overlooked the whole football field.

Overlook can also mean to ignore something by accident or even on purpose.

  • I will overlook the fact you arrived late to work today but don’t let it happen again.

4. Look forward / looking forward

Figuratively speaking, to look forward means to think about the future. About an event or something that is or may be happening.

  • I am looking forward to when the shopping mall near my home is completed; then I won’t have to travel so far to do my shopping.
  • I look forward to when they find a cure for cancer.

5. Look-a-like

To look the same or very similar to another person.

  • That actor has a look-a-like who does his stunts for him.

6. Look good

An informal way of saying that someone or something has a pleasing appearance.

  • She looks good for her age!

7. Look closely

To gaze or stare intently at a small detail.

  • If you look closely at the contract, you will see that we can charge you a fee for returning the car late.

8. Look here

Look here is a very British exclamation, it is used to attract attention to the person and matter being spoken about as a statement on its own.

  • Look here! If you don’t listen to me, I will have to report you to the authorities.

Can you think of any other common collocations with the word look? Write it in a comment below and tell us how to use it.

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