13 Most Common Collocations with High: Very High, High Quality, High Speed,…




Means tall or at the top of something. It can also mean bigger than normal or inflated.

1. High Court

Refers to the court with the most power in a country. It is the court that has the final word or judgment in a country. Usually lower or more local courts will hear the case first, and the case goes to higher courts because the losing party appeals.

  • The supreme court is the highest court in the United States of America.
  • The case was so important that it went before the high court.

2. Very High

Means that something goes way up in the air, or high up in the air. It can also be used to say that something is very intense.

  • The new building goes very high into the air.
  • The stakes in the case were very high.
  • Since you did so well on the test our expectations for you are very high.

3. High Quality

Refers to something being made well, or  a person having good character. This is someone’s opinion, but usually if something cost more people assume it is of higher quality.

  • This wood in this table is very thick, you can tell it’s high quality.
  • Nothing from that store is high quality.
  • He is a high quality young man.
  • It doesn’t matter how much it cost, I only care that it is of high quality.

4. High Speed

Refers to a moving object going really fast.

  • He’s always driving at a high speed, which is why he has so many speeding tickets.
  • A baseball is thrown at a high speed.
  • He kicked the football through the air, and it flew at a high speed.

5. High Street

Is a phrase that is similar to main street. It refers to the main road or street in a city or town. It also refers to shops that the average person would shop at.

It also refers to average clothes and other items that an average person would buy. It would contain items that are not too expensive. This is a very common term in the UK.

  • You can find the grocery store on the high street.
  • She mixes upscale and high street clothes very well.

6. High Degree

Refers to something or someone having a tall standard or a great standard, or an intense standard to overcome. It can also mean that there is a large amount of something.

  • The magic trick required a high degree of difficulty.
  • The students had a high degree of anxiety before their exam.

7. High Standards

Refers to having large expectations. In this case someone is expecting something to be of high quality.

  • Your high standards are impossible to meet.
  • Very few people are accepted into the University because it has very high standards.

8. High Cost

Means that something is expensive. It can be expensive because it cost a lot of money or it can be expensive because one pays a large price to their reputation.

  • I would like to avoid the high cost of using another company to manufacture our product.
  • Going against the group came at a high cost.

9. High Risk

Refers to someone or something that is taking on something that is  risky or dangerous.

  • Taking on the establishment will put us at high risk.
  • There’s a high risk that comes with climbing the tallest mountains in the world.

10. Have high

Refers to something having a large amount, or being at a high rate.

  • We have high hopes for our daughter.
  • The city has very high pollution rates.

11. High above

Means that something is on top of something else , or that something is much higher than something else. This can be something that is tangible or intangible.

  • She felt like she was high above the rest of us.
  • The medicine was kept on the shelf high above where the children could reach.

12. High resolution

Means that something can be seen very well and it looks very lifelike. This is often used with technology, like phones or TVs.

  • I can’t wait for the new high resolution phone to come out.
  • The picture is blurry, it’s not done in high resolution.

13. High Levels

Means that something reaches a large or tall mark.

  • The high levels of the river during the storm caused a lot of water damage.
  • The high levels of sulfur caused the workers to become sick.
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