Collocative word for pay, options are book, homage, card service.


From the options provided ‘book’ ‘homage’ and ‘card service’ I would choose the word ‘homage’. The collocation to pay homage means to tribute or honor somebody or something.


For example, at funerals, some loved ones of the deceased like to pay homage to the person who has passed away. The family member or friend may tell a memorable story of the deceased, play one of their favorite songs or read a cherished poem of the deceased, they do these things to honor or pay homage to the person they have lost.


Here are some more examples of the collocation being used:

  • After the incredible meal in the five-star restaurant, the restaurant-goers decided that they wanted to meet the chef and pay homage to his skill and talent.
  • During the planning stages of renovating the old building, the owners were keen on paying homage to the original building and made sure to keep a significant portion of the original stone wall at the front of the building.
  • After the sales team successfully reached the yearly target, the company wanted to pay homage to them. The head of human resources organized a formal dinner for the sales team and the other employees, during the dinner, the team’s efforts and success, were acknowledged and congratulated.


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