Connect Something TO or WITH?


We use connect to when there is a physical connection like the laptop charger being connected to the laptop or the kitchen connected to the hallway.

For example:

  • The main house is connected to the conservatory.
  • The assignment topic is migration, we must connect our work to this topic.
  • The teacher connected the computer to the projector.


Whereas connect with is often used to describe a connection between people and it doesn’t always refer to physical connection. If you feel connected with somebody else it means you can relate to that person or that you have a good relationship with that person because you have a mutual understanding.

Linking Words And Phrases! Sentence Connectors in English!

Linking Words And Phrases! Sentence...
Linking Words And Phrases! Sentence Connectors in English!

For example:

  • They feel connected with one another, they understand each other and can empathise with one another.
  • He believed he had connected with her on another level, like they were meant to be together.
  • I can connect with my therapist, we have a very good relationship as I feel I can relate to her and she can relate to me.


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