Could you help me check these sentences, please?


Are the words “would” correct or I should change some of them to “used to”?

1-In ancient Greece, people would think the world was flat but Aristotle thought it was round.
2-in the olden days, people wouldn’t have cars so they rode horses.
3-would people really enjoy watching Gladiator fights in ancient Rome?
4-200 years ago they wouldn’t use an anesthetic to perform operations.
5-the Romans would make themselves sick so that they could eat more during their huge banquets.
6-in the sixteenth Century, ladies would put the white powder containing lead on their faces. it was poisonous.
7-before the iron was invented, soldiers would fight using bronze swords but they weren’t very strong and often changed shape in battle.
8-why would people eat garlic in ancient Egypt? it was to cure toothache.

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