Countable and Uncountable Nouns Examples

countable uncountable nouns

countable uncountable nouns
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List of Words Without Plural Form (Uncountable Nouns)

Can you spot the mistakes in the sentence above? I’ll give you a clue: there are four letters too many. Yes, it’s the letter S! Can you say knowledge s? No, you can’t. Why? This word, just like information, furniture and jewellery, has NO PLURAL FORM.

Difference between British and American Uncountable Nouns –

Thank you for your question! British and American English differ in many ways and it is important to recognise/recognize these differences! That being said, it is also important to point out that both are correct and that native speakers often use both forms of English, although it is better to try to stick with one – so if you use British English, try to use it all the time and the same with American English.

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