What is the difference between Difficult and Hard?


Difference between difficult and hard

Difficult and hard are synonyms when we talk about certain tasks to complete, but hard can also describe material things as well. When you have something to do and you don’t think it will be easy then the task is hard or difficult. That simply means it will require more effort to complete.

However, things in the world can be hard when we describe their material. Metal is hard, glass is hard, concrete is hard, etc. These things cannot be difficult because only tasks and problems can.


  • I have to finish my homework and prepare for the football match on Sunday. It’s going to be difficult, but I’ll manage.
  • This is a hard question, I have to say.
  • The helmet I wear when riding my bike is hard, so I don’t get injured.

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2 months ago

While “hard” is often used in place of “difficult”, I was always taught (back when English was an actual language), “hard” relates to materials while “difficult” relates to tasks.