Difference Between I Got You and I Get You!


I wanted to ask you that if a listener understands what the speaker is saying then he says i got you.. He used past tense of get right .but i have even heard people saying i get you when they are supposed to use the past tense because they have understood what the speaker says…can uh tell me what’s the difference b/w i got you and i get you and when to use it?

Could you please tell me that when we can use this sentence: you got me. What’s perplexing me is that,that literally it implies that speaker is asking the listener whether he understood what he was trying to explain. But i have found out that it means contrary to what i think..could you please clarify

Both can be used interchangeably wink emoticon And they are usually used when you want to say that you understand wink emoticon

However, I got you can also be used to say that you’ve caught someone or you’ve won against someone.
You got me – is used when you want to indicate that the person caught you (lying, cheating, just caught you in his/her arms, etc.) or that the person won smile emoticon


  • I don’t think you’re telling the truth.
  • You got me. I’m just too embarrassed to tell you the truth.
  • Yes! I won!!! Game over.
  • Yes. You got me this time, but next time I’ll win
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