Does high blood pressure make you tired?


Instead of saying that β€œhigh blood pressure makes you tired”,Β  I would say β€œbeing tired makes your blood pressure high”.


First, we have to be acknowledged that bad sleeping quality is a major reason for high blood pressure. When one is lacking sleeping, the pressure system in our body starts to function, and sometimes even over activated, causing one to be in a hyperarousal state.

If one is under hyperarousal state for a long time, it causes our blood pressure to increase. Then, the already increased blood pressure continues to stimulate our brain while we sleep, making us even harder to have a sweet sleep. Therefore, a vicious circle is formed.


High blood pressure not only makes you tired, but it can also cause a headache, dizziness, palpitation and malfunction of other organs. Normally, early patients will not notice that they have high blood pressure. They are aware of their situation only after more severe symptom occurs.

The best way to avoid having high blood pressure is to have good living habits. Sufficient sleep, less oily and salty food, more fruits and vegetables, less smoke and alcohol and more exercise are good ways to prevent high blood pressure.

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