10 Food and Nutrition Terms You Should Know


nutrition terms

It’s easy to get obsessed with what we are eating and drinking. Of course, it’s a good idea to be healthy and make sure we are living our lives sensibly, but it’s all about living in moderation. This means that we have a bit of everything and don’t have too much of one thing. This is also known as having a balanced diet.

We are going to discuss some words and phrases that are very common when talking about

Food and Nutrition in English:

  1. Carbs
  2. Fatty foods
  3. Salty snacks
  4. Diet
  5. Fads
  6. Superfood
  7. Greens
  8. Anti-aging
  9. Lactose intolerance

Put on weight/lose weight

This is what everyone is talking about when it comes to nutrition!

Most of the time, people talk about wanting to lose weight or make themselves weigh less. They want to make a change. People are willing to change so much just to lose a few pounds and look good for the summer!

What most people are trying to avoid is putting on weight or gaining weight. This means their weight goes up and they may see differences in their appearance or maybe that they have to buy bigger clothes.

Then there are people that go to the gym regularly and are actually looking to put on weight, which means they want to increase their weight. This process is known as bulking. They will eat insane amounts of food in an effort to make their muscles grow quickly. This can be a good strategy, but be careful, make sure you know what you’re doing before you launch into a new regime.

One last tip, people will be very flattered if you ask them “Did you lose weight? but definitely don’t ask them if they have put on weight! (unless they’re bulking of course)

Let’s look at a few examples of this vocabulary:

Sarah: Jane, have you lost weight?

Jane: I have! Thank you for noticing! I’ve been trying really hard to lose weight so I’m glad you have noticed it!

Sarah: Yeah you look great! I wish I could lose some weight, I have actually put on weight recently. I went on holiday and ate too much good food.

Jane: Well, I can help you if you like!

Sarah: Sounds good!

Tim: Regan, you seem to be eating a lot of food. Is everything alright?

Regan: Yeah, everything is fine! I’m bulking as part of my exercise regime. I want to get bigger.

Tim: Wow, okay. Is it really healthy to be trying to put on weight?

Regan: Yeah it’s fine. I have done lots of research and also asked a nutritionist what I should do to do this healthily.

So, there you have it! A great list of nutritional vocabulary for many different terms. You can now use this more complex vocabulary at your next dinner party or simply when talking to friends.

The chances are you have a friend who is trying to be healthy, ask them how it’s going and use the new vocabulary from this article!

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