Frame Of Mind Meaning


Frame Of Mind Meaning

The word β€œframe” it is used as a noun and a verb. As a noun, the word frame is a structure that surrounds or encloses something, most commonly a window or a door. Also as a noun we understand the word frame to mean a structure that supports a system, idea, concept, or belief.

As a verb, it can mean to put something in a frame like a picture.Β  The word mindin the context is used as a noun.Β The word mindrefers to a person’s awareness of the world, their experiences, how they think feel and behave. It also includes a person’s intelligence, judgment and reasoning.


Somebody’s state/frame of mind is the way a person feels about their life or current life situation at any given moment.

Example of β€œFrame of mind”.

  • Frank is not in a good state of mind after his dog died.
  • My boss is always an optimistic person I admire her state of mind.


Abraham: Hey mate, how was your date?

David: Hey Abe, I am ok. My date was so-so.

Abraham: So-so? That doesn’t sound so good.

David:Β Yeah, it was strange she seems perfect for me but I just couldn’t connect.

Abraham:Β What do you mean you couldn’t connect?

David: Well, we just didn’t seem to share the same frame of mind.

Abraham:Β I see. Do you think it was your frame of mind or her frame of mind?

David: That is an interesting question, I think it was my frame of mind. I don’t think I am in the frame of mind to date after my divorce.

Other words you can create: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)











What until she is in a betterΒ frame of mind to ask her.

He has a cheerfulΒ frame of mind.

She has had a real somberΒ frame of mind since she spoke with the CEO.

Related phrasal verbs:

Cheer up-Β for someone to become happy from a sad state of mind.

  • I really wish she would cheer up, lately her frame of mind has been so somber.

Lash Out at-Β in the context of frame of mind this would refer to someone who says or does something out of anger towards someone to a group of people.

  • Pete has been in a really angry frame of mind lately, just this morning he lashed out at the mail delivery guy for giving him the wrong mail.

Lighten up-Β when we use the phrase lighten up we are saying that someone becomes happier and in a better mood.

  • Since summer Fred has really lightened up, he is frame of mind has returned to being happy go luck.

Grow on (Someone)-Β we use this term to describe the idea someone slowly begins to like someone, usually someone you didn’t like at first or in the past.

  • My frame of mind has changed about Wilma, she is starting to grow on me.

Fed up-Β when are frustrated with someone or something and you have not more patience.

  • I am fed up with Paula’s negative frame of mind.

Feel myself-Β when you are in a normal mood.

  • I haven’t been feeling myself lately, my frame of mind has a little gloomy.Β 

Related idioms:

Up and down-Β when a person’s mood fluctuateserratically for no real reason.

What’s eating (somebody)?-Β this a question which someone might ask to find out what might be bothering someone who might be in a bad mood.

Be in one of your moods-Β this is an idiom to describe a person who might be being unfriendly or upset and is a regular mood for them periodically.

Down in the dumps-Β this is a phrase used to describe someone who is sad or in a depressed mood.

Pleased a punched-Β we use this phrase to describe someone who is in a good mood and happy about something or someone.

Make my day-Β when some uses this phrase they are saying someone or something occurred that made their day better.

Bummed out-Β when someone is feeling sad, upset or disappointed about something or someone.

Had my fill of-Β this is a phrase we use to say that someone’s patience is at an end and they have no more tolerance for someone or something.

On the top of the world-Β when someone is feeling extremely happy or elated about something.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

State of mind

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