Front Entrance Vocabulary: Front door, Doorbell, Welcome mat, Porch, …

front entrance vocabulary

front entrance vocabulary

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Front Entrance Vocabulary:

1. Front door

  • What will visitors usually knock on when they visit your home?

2. Doorbell

  • Or they can ring this instead.

3. Welcome mat

  • This is a sort of small rug that you can put in front of your door for visitors to step on.

4. Porch

  • This is an open area in front of the entrance to some houses that’s covered by a roof and might contain some columns.

5. Porchlight

  • If it’s dark outside and you want to hang out on the porch, what should you turn on?

6. Mailbox

  • What should you open to check your mail?

7. Lock

  • You might want to make sure this is secure if you don’t want anyone invading your home.

8. Curb

  • This is a part of the street between the actual road and the sidewalk where grass grows.
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