Fucked Up meaning with examples (slang)


The phrase Fucked Up informally means when something is damaged physically or mentally or emotionally.ย Be careful using this phrase. It can be seen as impolite to many.

The root word โ€œfuckโ€ normally points to an extreme. In other words, if something is fucked up, itโ€™s most likely very damaged. But, other words can be added to the phrase to change how strongly that thing is damaged. For example:

  • Slightly Fucked Up: Only a little bit damaged
  • Majorly Fucked Up: Damaged in a big way.
  • Almost Fucked Up: Nearly damaged but wasnโ€™t

Example Dialogue (damaged):

Sarah: Wow! What happened to your car?

MAKE UP definition

MAKE UP definition
MAKE UP definition

Tom: My brakes didnโ€™t work yesterday and I hit a car in front of me at 60 kph.

Sarah: Well you really fucked it up didnโ€™t you? The whole front is smashed!

Tom: You should see the other car! They canโ€™t even drive it anymore. Itโ€™s totally fucked up.

Other common uses for fucked up:

Fucked Up (intoxicated)

To be drunk from alcohol or affected heavily by drugs.

  • Example: I got so fucked up last night. I drank too many tequila shots.

Synonyms: Wasted, blasted, lit, bent, drunk (only for alcohol), high (only for drugs), off your face.

Antonyms: Sober, straight

Example Dialogue (intoxicated):

Joe: You look terrible, Sem. Did you sleep at all last night?

Sem: I feel terrible! I only slept like three hours. I got fucked up drinking beer and smoking pot.

Joe: Then why did you do it, if you knew youโ€™d feel bad in the morning?

Sem: Because it was a lot of fun being fucked up last night!

Fucked Up (mistake)

To make a mistake or when something doesnโ€™t go the way it should

  • Example: You really fucked up that test, Sarah. You only got 8% of the answers correct.

Synonyms: make a mistake, befoul, blunder, mess up, blow, screw, wrong

Antonyms: ace, champion.

Example Dialogue (mistake):

Sue: How was your day at work today?

Victoria: It went really badly. My boss asked me to talk to an important client and I really fucked up.

Sue: Really? What happened?

Victoria: I asked how many months pregnant the client was.

Sue: So? Whatโ€™s wrong with that?

Victoria: She wasnโ€™t pregnant. Just fat!

Sue: Oh! You really fucked up!

Fucked Up (crazy)

When something is highly unexpected or seen to be crazy. Normally in a way which is mean or not nice.

  • Example: Your ex-girlfriend stole your dog? Thatโ€™s fucked up!

Synonyms: crazy, mental, barmy, bad, psycho, nuts, berserk, lunatic, cuckoo, demented, idiotic

Antonyms: nice, normal, sane, fine, reasonable, realistic, sensible

Example Dialogue (crazy):

Mary: James! You wonโ€™t believe what happened to me today!

James: Why? What happened?

Mary: I went on a lunch date and he wanted to lick my foot!

James: What?! Thatโ€™s fucked up!

Mary: I know right?! Thatโ€™s the last time I find a date online.

James: You always find the weirdest guys, Mary.

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