Get Up To Speed & Get Out the Door Meaning


Get up to speed and get out the door are both expressions that are commonly used.

They are also common sayings, which means their meaning changes only slightly in different sentences with different contexts. These are minor tweaks to the phrases since their core meaning stays pretty much the same.

Get up to speed

Get up to speed is actually very simple because it has only two meanings. The first and the most common is the saying which means to get information as the rest of the people around you. To get up to speed means that you know the same things as the people who are giving you the information.

Get up to speed Example

  • We’ll start the meeting shortly. Someone, please get David up to speed so he can participate.

Once David is up to speed he knows enough to be able to talk to others about the topic.

That’s why it’s called up to speed, since then the persons talking can all be at the same level. The only other meaning of get up to speed is literal, which simply means that a vehicle gets up to the speed it needs to.


  • The speed limit here is 90 km/h. We have to get up to speed if we want to make it on time.

Get out the door

Get out the door is a bit more complex than get up to speed. It means to create something and show it to other people. When you get something out the door it means that it leaves the house and goes into the world. It can be a product, an artwork, or clothing. As long as you have to show it to people you have to get it out the door.

Get out the door Examples

  • It’s crunch time. We have to finish the coding so we can get this app out the door.
  • Once I just finish the final details we can get this painting out the door and into galleries.
  • I’m not sure about this outfit. I don’t know if I want to get it out the door just now.

Just like with get up to speed, get out the door can have a literal meaning. This just means that you have to get something through the door and out.


  • Will you just get this cupboard out the door now.
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