“God, have some mercy” meaning


What does it mean?? When to use this sentence??

God Have Some Mercy


The noun mercy means compassion or forgiveness.

OFC Meaning 😉- MyEnglishTeacher.eu

OFC Meaning 😉- MyEnglishTeacher....
OFC Meaning 😉- MyEnglishTeacher.eu

So when we say God have some mercy we are asking God for compassion during a difficult situation or asking for forgiveness for something we have done. Below are some examples:

  • My car broke down and I am deserted with no mobile phone, God have some mercy.
  • He is in jail for theft, God have mercy on his soul.
  • It’s her wedding day and it’s raining, God have mercy and bring out the sun.
  • God have mercy, I shouldn’t have hit him but I was so angry.

This expression is usually used by people who are religious or have a faith in God. Although people who are not religious also use this expression at times.


It can also be used when asking for good luck, for example;

  • God have some mercy and help me pass this exam.
  • Hopefully the team will win, God have mercy.


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