“God, have some mercy” meaning


What does it mean?? When to use this sentence??

God Have Some Mercy


The noun mercy means compassion or forgiveness.

So when we say God have some mercy we are asking God for compassion during a difficult situation or asking for forgiveness for something we have done. Below are some examples:

  • My car broke down and I am deserted with no mobile phone, God have some mercy.
  • He is in jail for theft, God have mercy on his soul.
  • It’s her wedding day and it’s raining, God have mercy and bring out the sun.
  • God have mercy, I shouldn’t have hit him but I was so angry.

This expression is usually used by people who are religious or have a faith in God. Although people who are not religious also use this expression at times.


It can also be used when asking for good luck, for example;

  • God have some mercy and help me pass this exam.
  • Hopefully the team will win, God have mercy.


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