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Greedy Definition

Do you know people who are greedy? They are too interested in having something that they do everything to get it. People can be greedy for anything such as money, power, fame, food, etc. Everyone needs money and food, so many people can have intense desire for them.

As we know, in economy, money is never enough and the demand for food, clothing, housing, and other essential things is never-ending for every person. With these facts, people can easily become greedy. We can see or hear rich people wanting to have more money.

We can say that they are greedy, but what about us? Are we not wanting to have more than what we have now? It can be said that all people are greedy. Some are greedy for money, some are for food, for fame, etc. Whatever it is that we extremely want to have, we should make sure that we work for it fairly. 

Example of Greedy:

  • My boss is greedy for power as he wants everyone to bow down for him and he like to fire employees for not enough reason.
  • My colleagues are greedy. They eat a lot and they don’t share their food, but when they see me eating, they always grab my food before I can say no.


Jason: Hi, Bill. Are you working overtime today?

Bill: No. I am tired, and I am not greedy for money. I am content with my basic salary.

Jason: Really? I heard they are not paying for overtime work anymore. They will only give vacation bonus to those who work overtime.

Jason: What? I would like to have at least one month off every year. I should work overtime then.

Bill: Don’t be greedy. Many workers want vacation bonus too, and I guess we should also give them a chance.

Other words you can create from Greedy:


This is a noun that refers to an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

  • It is our leader’s greed that makes us work overtime without pay.


 This is an adverb that refers to a way that shows an excessive desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

  • Politicians took the budget for housing projectsand spent it greedily, leaving the poor homeless. 


Greedy eater

Hefty eater

Related phrasal verbs:

Have eyes for someone or something

To have a strong feeling or need or desire for someone, something, or some activity.

  • I knew that Arnold and Jasmin have eyes for each other when I just met them. 

Have a passion for

To have a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things. When someone has passion for something, they love it even when they hate it.

  • There were many applications for the computer programming position, but we hired the one who absolutely had the passion for software development.

Have a yen for

This means you crave or desire something. The yen in this expression comes from the Chinese yan, meaning “a craving” (probably for opium).

  • When I was pregnant, I had a yen for green mangoes.

Have an urge for

When someone has an urge for something, it means they have a strong desire for something.

  • I had an urge for having my own beach house.

Inclined toward

 Someone is inclined toward something when they want to do something.

  • My father was very inclined toward helping others that he would forget his family’s needs.

Spoil for

When someone isspoiling for something, they are eager for it to happen.

  • Jen has been spending all her husband’s income for expensive luxury bags, spoiling for a divorce. 

Grab all of 

When someone grabs all of something, it means they are selfish.

  • Tanya complaint that she doesn’t like performing with Lisa on stage because she grabs all of audience attention. 

Eat away at

To use up profits, recourses, or time; especially when they are intended for other purposes.

  • Spending too much time on social media and other useless things can eat away at your valuable time. 

Related idioms:

Have all to oneself

To have a place or time that you do not have to share with anyone else, so that you are free to do what you want in it.

  • Tony likes to have a house all to himself, that’s why he lives alone.

Gobble up

To use a lot of something very quickly or toeat greedily.

  • The interest of our mortgage loan is very high that we just realized our mortgage gobbled up all our savings.

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