Greens. What are Greens?

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Rather than superfoods, I would suggest that it would be easier to just eat more greens.

Greens is a shortened term for green, often leafy vegetables such as broccoli, celery and cucumber.

The average grandparent in English speaking countries say “Eat your greens at least 100 times in their lifetime. (that’s not true but I bet it’s pretty close.)

Green vegetables can provide great vegetables and nutrients to help balance your diet in a healthy way.

Top 9 Leafy Green Vegetables and Why You Should Eat Them

Top 9 Leafy Green Vegetables and Wh...
Top 9 Leafy Green Vegetables and Why You Should Eat Them

These are naturally produced foods, and usually the fact that a food is naturally produced means that it is healthy. Be suspicious of foods that need to be chemically created or modified in any way to make them fit for consumption!

Parent: You have left all of your vegetables! That’s not good, sit back down and eat them.

Child: I don’t like vegetables, I want chocolate!

Grandparent: Eat your greens! If you don’t you won’t grow up big and strong like your dad. Is that what you want?

Child: No. Fine, I’ll eat them.

Grandparent: Good boy.

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