How and when is “You Wish” used in conversation?


“You wish” is usually used in response to a previous statement in which something was said which they believe isn’t true, although the speaker may like to think so. Here is an example dialogue:

  • Tom: if I met Angelina Jolie, she would fall in love with me.

  • Sarah: You wish! You’re not as handsome as Brad Pitt.


  • John: I could beat you in a race any day.
  • Adam: You Wish! You’re slower than a turtle!

“You wish” is a casual phrase usually only used between friends. It’s phrase used for friendly banter or speaking with each other jokingly. In some cases, it’s also used as a mild insult.

  • Man: You’re beautiful. We should go on a date.

  • Woman: You wish! I don’t want to date you.
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