How can I change ‘Let the work be done by me’ from a passive voice to an active voice?


The object is ‘me’, which will be the subject in the active form, where am I supposed to put this word– ‘me’? If the correct answer is ‘I do the work’ ?

But I have a problem with ‘I do the work’ because it’s not an imperative sentence, like ‘Do the work’ or ‘Open the door’. In this sentence the object is not given and indirectly the obj is ‘you’—to whom someone is ordering.

Instead of saying I do the work, I would say let me do the work.

I do the work seems to be a declarative sentence as it features a subject (I) and a predicate (the work). The sentence is a statement and is giving information without expressing a lot of emotion or eliciting a response as most commands would.

If you want to transform the passive sentence let the work be done by me into the active voice, I would say let me do the workWhen we want to use the first person singular in the imperative we can use let me. This is often used to give a formal offer or suggestion.

For example:

  • Let me do the work.
  • Let me go to the shop for you.
  • Let me give you the address.
  • Let me focus on the job.
  • Let me help them.


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