How can I talk about my company if I want to present it to someone?


When presenting your business or the company you work for, you normally have only a few minutes to do so. So keep it short and focus on the most important elements without burdening your audience with every single detail.

(Past and Present)

  • The company was founded/launched in 1998.
  • We have been in business for over ten years.
  • We started life as a construction company.
  • Our company is based in Paris.
  • Our headquarters/ head office is in Paris.
  • We have offices all over Europe.
  • We operate in 5 other cities/ 10 countries all over the world.
  • We have subsidaries all over the country.


  • We employ/ Our company employs around two-hundred people.
  • We specialize in commercial development/ corporate law/ intellectual property rights.
  • We supply quality website and publishing services.
  • Our company provides legal services.
  • We deliver training courses to help your employees become more productive.
  • We offer customers apps that are made to meet specific requirements.


4 Formal Business Email Writing Examples

4 Formal Business Email Writing Exa...
4 Formal Business Email Writing Examples
  • We work directly with the clients.
  • What we do is listen to our customers’ unique needs and employ strategies that are specifically designed to achieve their goals.
  • What sets us apart from our competition is that we invest enough time in training our employees to make sure they’re equipped with the right skills.


  • We’re planning to open five more offices in the country.
  • Our next campaign will target teenagers.
  • Our marketing strategy will be based on creating eye-catching advertising materials.
  • Our marketing tactics will involve giving away freebies.
  • The unique combination of our expertise and innovative strategies ensures that we will be a major market player in the future.


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