How to motivate yourself as an English language learner?


The question: “How to motivate yourself as an English language learner?” might sound a bit silly.

But based on my experiences in a lot of cases it can be an obligation made either by the learner, school or workplace, which can often end in a kind of unmotivated state of mind for those who would like to spend their free time with another activity.

So if you do not feel like learning English but you have to, this short article might put you in the proper mood.

English has rapidly gained the title for one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world in the recent years of globalization.

There might be other popular languages spoken by millions, but English has been, is and is going to be the bridge between different cultures and the key factor of the communication in the world of work.

Is there anything else more motivating than training yourself to be a highly-valued workforce because of your language skills?

The English language will open doors to the learner in a figurative sense, as it is spoken and learned more and more people in every minute so whenever you travel, speaking it will provide you the biggest chance to get to know new people, building fresh relationships or to get out of a difficult or unexpected situation.

You are already English language learner but can’t find any motivational challenge in text or grammar books?

You should take into consideration that it is always a way too easier to learn about something that you are interested in and by learning an English language you easily get that opportunity.

What I mean is that you can search for any topics you would like to know more about in English, either using the Internet or other resources to widen your knowledge in a given field.

It might be nerve-wrecking at first, but sooner than later you will realize that it is much easier to learn new vocabulary or phrases this way than any other.

Gaining a successful experience in speech is a crucial part of motivating yourself. If you feel you don’t speak enough during your English language classes you can always ask the teacher to put you into some more real-life situations.

You can also use any type of social media to chat or to communicate with friends in English nevertheless chatting through the web will never substitute for actual conversations.
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And last but not least I have recently discovered the advantages of audio books.

As these are usually read by actors who are highly trained in pronunciation and intonation. Listening to some of your favorite books in English will not only develop your vocabulary, but your understanding of the language as well.

(I should add that I consider this as a much more useful method to develop your skills than e.g. watching movies in English, as in this case you are not driven away by the fast-moving and colorful images and you are forced to concentrate merely on the language itself.)

Still not motivated enough? Perhaps you can share some more other tips with me. Tell a story when you could motivate yourself or somebody else to start or continue learning English.

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